Broccoli can make cells younger?

broccoli-mdWell, it’s been well-known that broccoli is good for your health in general.

But whoa, recently reported the results of a study published in Cell Metabolism where an international team of researchers headed by the Washington University School of Medicine discovered an agent “that can balance out what happens in aging cells to essentially make them behave as they would in a younger mouse. That substance, as it turns out, is also found in a number of natural foods, including broccoli, cucumbers, cabbage and edamame.”

Wow.  Even more incentive to nibble those greens!

But keep in mind, this study was on mice.  Not humans.  Not yet.

But still, this is definitely intriguing.  The article states that, “the compound, called nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN), is involved in producing another compound that is critical for energy metabolism. When they gave normal aging mice infusions of NMN, they made more of that energy-fueling compound and some of the biological problems associated with aging went away. The NMN-treated animals did not gain as much weight, they were able to convert food into energy more efficiently, their blood sugar was better—even their eyesight improved. The mice receiving NMN were also able to prevent some of the genetic changes associated with aging.”

That’s my food for thought today.  Smile.




2 thoughts on “Broccoli can make cells younger?

  1. This is interesting. A study on people would obviously be a lot more beneficial as real results and evidence could be gathered. I love broccoli and if it keeps me looking young and feeling youthful then woo hoo!


    1. Hi Maxine! Yes, I agree! They will be pursuing studies in humans, but it was fascinating to me what they found in the mice study… We shall see. I, too, will continue eating my broccoli…and other dark, green veggies! 🙂 Thanks for sharing! Valerie


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