The evolution of…you

Life is fluid, not static. If you’ve been on a path leading to poor health, it’s not over! There is always opportunity to make different decisions and change course.


girl skip with umbrella

I love this picture!  It captures the essence of freedom, joy, energy, abandon, playfulness.  As children, we have this in us… just watch a bunch of four year olds on the playground!

And yet somehow, as we enter adulthood, these lovely traits begin to fade.  Whether we get weighed down with responsibility, bad experiences, disappointments, or the daily grind of living, it not only affects our demeanor, but our health as well.

What does YOUR evolution look like?  Our lives are fluid, not static … which means your life is not “stuck” in one place.  We change, evolve, grow, and move in life, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse.  You are who you are today due to a myriad of choices along the way of life.  If you’re in a place of poor health, it didn’t happen overnight.  It was a progression of many choices.  If you’re in a place of good health, it didn’t happen overnight either!  It was a series of good choices, sometimes sacrifice, and hard work.

The good news?  “It ain’t over till it’s over!”  Because life IS fluid and evolving, your life is in motion until your last breath.  Don’t let discouragement or the past dictate your future. What was is done.  What’s tomorrow is yet to be…  And our health evolution isn’t always a straight path.  Sometimes it’s three steps forward and one back, and eight forward and four back…but the goal is to be further ahead than where we were.   If you fell today, get back up and start anew!  And if you’re doing well, keep moving forward in it.  LIFE IS NOT STATIC.

How is YOUR life evolving?



940 Saturdays



I read something the other day by Dr. Harley Rotbart, author of “No Regrets Parenting”.  He stated that from the time a baby is born until they turn 18, there are only 940 Saturdays in that time span.  Nine. Hundred. Forty.  Wow!

The obvious realization is that we need to make time for our families and make those minutes count, as life passes by too quickly.  But what about in relation to health and wellness?  For every minute – or “Saturday” – that we put off taking an action toward wellness in body, mind, and spirit, it’s one day LESS that’s available to act on reaching these goals.  And if we’re not wise, intentional, and good stewards, we’ll have spent more days wasting the precious time available than we have days remaining to accomplish them.

And instead of feeling defeated, that energizes me!  It makes me not want to waste another day saying, “I’ll start tomorrow” but instead, “Doggone it, do it TODAY!” before I dwindle down to even less days left to accomplish what I want!   This ship is mine to steer.  I can steer it into the craggy coastline or out to the beautiful seas.  If you feel overwhelmed by the idea of “time and goals”, think of simply ONE action that will lead to a goal and do that TODAY.  And then tomorrow.  And then the next.  When you get comfortable with that, start another action step that will lead to your goal.  Benjamin Franklin had it right after all  … “Don’t put off tomorrow what you can do today.”

Feel energized?