About Valerie

my wedding photo copy

I am an MBA professional, an expert communicator, a healthcare industry nut, with a passion for faith, writing AND all things health … a unique interest, indeed!  I’m also a former health blogger for the Press & Sun-Bulletin, and you can catch some of my initial personal blogs at http://simplyfitbyvalerie.blogspot.com/.

Good health isn’t just about the body … it includes the mind and spirit as well!   If you want to experience a true health transformation,  pay attention to what you’re feeding your body, mind, and spirit because it will indeed manifest itself on the outside.

It is my great hope that this site spurs others on to better health. Having experienced the discouragement of being out of shape myself, I learned the battle to better health actually starts in the mind and then flows to pushing the body. Much of our health is a reflection of our choices. For those who’ve already made the adjustment to a healthy lifestyle, stay tuned for information to help you remain fit.

I have my own journey.  You have yours.   I’d love to converse with you about it!  I believe strongly in the power of encouragement, so let’s drink some decaf coffee and talk about the world of health together … and maybe encourage each other along the way.

By the way, I take my coffee black.  Chat soon…




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