Alternatives to honey


So, my youngest daughter has decided she wants to try vegetarianism…and possibly become a vegan.

And being the type of mom who loves education and believes that you must know about that which you proclaim, I sent her on a mission to learn HOW to do this in a nutritious and healthy way as well as be able to answer WHY she would prefer this type of diet.

This particular daughter loves sugar.  Um, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!  And I recently came across an article that I shared with her … discussing alternatives to honey for vegans.

I thought I would share it with my readers as well for those of you pursuing the vegan lifestyle.  Click here to discover the 5 best alternatives to honey.

Have a sweet day!  🙂




2 thoughts on “Alternatives to honey

  1. Hey! Quick question… You say that you sent her on a ‘mission to learn HOW to do this (eat a vegetarian diet) in a nutritious and healthy way’ but how would a diet rich in vegetables, grains and legumes not be healthy? It is well documented that plant based eaters (both vegetarians and vegans) have healthier diets than their meat eating counterparts. They (we) also live longer and generally have less medical conditions. Woo hoo! Go Veg!


    1. Hi! Thanks for asking! My reason for asking her was that I wanted to make sure she understood about complete proteins and the importance of it in a vegetarian diet, etc. She had one friend who was “vegetarian” but lived off processed junk food with the rational that it wasn’t meat (chips, candy, chocolate, loads of white bread,etc.), then it was okay to eat…and she went hog-wild on it…pun intended. 🙂

      I also wanted her to be able to define her conviction of why she was choosing this. Was it a conscience about treatment of animals? Was it about wanting to pursue whole foods and healthy eating? Or was it simply b/c it was popular among her friends?

      For those of us choosing the vegetarian, vegan, or flexitarian lifestyle, out of conscience or TRULY desiring better health, I call us zealots. Because we’re not doing it to be hip or fashionable but out of core, sincere health reasons. Regardless of the title (vegetarian, vegan, flexitarian) I hope what we all share in common is the desire for health through the consumption of whole foods and real foods. The rejection of processed, modified, and sugar-laden fare that is consumed rampantly in our society.

      I actually appreciate Dr. Axe’s take on protein, supplementation, and looking at food as our medicine. He is a proponent of meat in a diet from a nutrition standpoint, but ONLY high-quality sources that are from animals raised on pasture or wild-caught and free of antibiotics and hormones. Here is an article of his on protein if you’re interested:

      Kudos to you on pursuing health and taking control of what you put into your body! I wish you great health and happiness. Valerie


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