Passing love of health to your children

One of my purest pleasures in life is my children.  As I watch them grow into adults, I see vividly the influence of being raised in a “health conscious” home!  It endears me to receive a text with a picture of a meal they prepared, or a Snapchat of hiking, or a “clean” recipe they found online.  They are living lives full of energy, compassion, giving, and health.  In fact, I’m headed to see one of my daughters run in her second marathon this weekend.

I thought I’d let you see into my own life as an encouragement for you with your own children.  Welcome to my world…

Sisters who yoga together, stay together.  🙂

yoga ellen suze sarah

Daughter at college making my homemade chicken noodle (gluten-free) soup.  It warmed my heart.

Sarahs chicken soup


Daughter on medical missions trip in Haiti.  A giving heart.

Ellen haiti

Staying active at college.
sarah rollerblading


Double trouble running a race…                                            Her first triathlon…

runners ellen sarahellen triatholon


Daughter and friend hiked and camped for three days over a cooooold weekend.

sarah hiking


Skiing…nature…beauty.  Nuff said.

skiingskiing 3


Another day on the lake.

ellen paddleboarding


Daughter sent me this picture of the salmon meal she cooked tonight.  Minus the Michelob, healthy … although she did choose Ultra.  🙂

Sarah's salmon



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