Bodyweight Bootcamp Video

Okay, I think you’re getting to know me… I LOVE to provide people with ideas for getting moving!  So many times, we allow perceived obstacles to block us from our health goals.

  • I don’t have money for a gym membership
  • I live in a neighborhood where I don’t feel comfortable going out and walking or running
  • It’s not fun to workout alone
  • I don’t have any gym equipment

You get the idea.  That is why I like to expose people to OPTIONS.  And really, it comes down to how bad do you really want to reach your fitness or health goals?

If I offered you $1,000,000 to work really hard at your job over the next six months, would you do it?  Most would say, “YES”!  Well, I would argue that your health and well being is worth 100 times the $1,000,000!!!   And yet when faced with “hard work” to make it happen, we quit.

Here’s another video that just might pique your interest.  Warning:  It’s tough … hence the word “bootcamp” in the video!  But don’t let that scare you!  Whether you’re already fit (challenge yourself with this), or just getting started (just do what you can and make a goal of completing more and more each time), these can be fun … not to mention convenient.  More ideas?  Go to my Body (exercise) page for links to other posts with exercise ideas and and encouragement!



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