5 FREE Workouts – on YouTube, of course!


Here are five great examples of online YouTube workouts.  Obviously, you can search for others as well … and it’s actually enjoyable to find what works for YOU.  Don’t have time to go to the gym?  No DVD’s at home?  Inclement weather?  NO EXCUSES now!

  1.  Yoga with Adriene.  Love this one because she emphasizes health that encompasses body, mind, and spirit!  And because stress increases health risks, this is great for everyone!   Thanks, Adriene!  You will feel so calm afterward.


2.  Lucious Legs by Autumn Calabrese.  She’s got it going on.  She knows what it takes to sculpt and tone …and her body shows it.   She’s usually pretty intense as she takes you through her workouts, but she gets results.   Don’t expect upbeat and fluffy as her workouts are a mission…should you choose to accept!


3. Reggae Dancehall Workout by Keaira LaShae.  Oh my gosh, talk about F. U. N.!!!   Let’s amp it up a bit here!  I’d die if my kids posted me doing this on Facebook, but that hasn’t stopped me from doing this workout!  Keaira is spunky, energetic, and funny.  She is so engaging and draws you in.  Why not have fun WHILE you exercise?  And IF you conquer this, she has many other ones you can try!


4.  Latin Dance Aerobic Workout 30 Minutes.  Oh, another FUN one!  There’s nothing like music and dance to lift your mood!  Now turn it into a workout, and voila!  You’ll have your workout and be smiling at the end, too!  Have fun with this one…  Your mood and body will thank you.


5.  BeFit Channel:  Cardio MMA Workout Level 1.  You can subscribe (free) to the BeFit channel on YouTube and have access to workouts by Jillian Michaels, Rainbeau Mars, Denise Austin and so many more.  Click here to subscribe.


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