How to find a farmer’s market near you

farmer's market 2

Woohoo!  April is here… and in my world, that means FARMER’S MARKETS ARE ABOUT TO POP UP EVERYWHERE!  For those who can’t grow their own produce, this is the next best thing!  Trust me, once you get hooked on truly fresh produce, you’ll have a hard time buying at the grocer again!

I don’t know about you, but there is something earthy and comforting in attending farmer’s markets!  I get to talk to the farmers who actually grew the produce and see the fruits of the earth direct from farm to table.  Over time, I get to know the farmers by name, and I know which booth or farmer vendor I trust the most… it’s to those individuals that I return time and time again during the entire harvest season.

This is an excellent way to not only support local growers and the economy, but also ensure your produce is fresh, organic, and safe at the same time.  There is a NOTICEABLE difference in taste from a tomato at the store versus fresh from your own garden or a farmer’s market!  I wish there was a way over the internet to let you taste the difference!

An added bonus?  This is not only is this healthy for you and your loved ones, but also sets an example of a lifestyle to your children!  I have a daughter in college who goes to the farmer’s market in her town EVERY WEEKEND.  She makes an outing of it…taking her rollerblades or sneakers, she rolls/runs on the trail near the lake, then goes to the farmer’s market by the water’s edge afterward.  She strikes up conversations with the farmers, and like me, she returns to the same ones she has developed a relationship with over the weeks.  And guess what?  She’s only 20 years old!   She is striving to eat “clean” while in college.

Okay, to make it easy for you, click here  to go to the LocalHarvest website where you can search by zip code for farmer’s markets near you (search box at top of website).  You can also check your community newspapers and leaflets for information about ones that might not be listed on this site.  And finally, you can always contact a local 4H group or a university to ask to be directed to someone who can tell you about farmer’s markets in your area.

Mmmmm, I’m craving a fresh tomato after all this talk!

Chat soon!



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